Welcome to savingthesurvivors.co.za, a website dedicated to protecting rhinos and other wildlife species. There is a responsibility lying with everybody to play a part in protecting these beautiful animals that are slowly becoming extinct. Calling yourself an animal lover and then turning a blind eye to what is happening is a little contradictory. Even if you cannot see it directly around you, there is a lot of tragedy going on every single day in different countries in regards to rhinos, elephants and other endangered animals.

Did you know that more than 8000 rhinos have been killed since 2007, all for just the horns on their head. While there are a lot of charities working to stop rhinos being killed, it isn’t going to happen overnight and now still, the world’s largest rhino farm is in imminent danger.

Rhino poaching has reached a deadly level and for those people who find poaching these precious animals as nothing more than a sport, need to be stopped. This page is dedicated to giving you all relevant information on the dangers that rhinos and other animals are in, other facts about the matter and what we can do to stop it.

If you do not get involved in this matter, things will not change until eventually there are no rhinos left on the planet. You might think that the actions of one person cannot change things but if everybody thought like that, nothing would change at all. There are many ways that you can help – some financially and some just by donating your time and care. We will be explaining to you how you can help this fully deserving cause.

Feel free to spend the time browsing these pages, hopefully, you will find it informative and you can take away startling facts to share with you family and friends.