The death toll for rhinos due to poachers is still high but that number has begun to slow down in recent years. While a lot of sad things have happened to these animals, there is still a lot of happy tales to tell too. Staying positive is something that is really important to not let the poachers win so here are a few stories that if they don’t make you smile, should at least give you a little bit of hope for these animals.

The charity organization WWF are actually working to save the black rhinos by moving them to a safer site. There is an entire crew including rangers using specialised equipment to get these animals to locations where they can be more secure. This is proving to be really effective so far, with a 21% increase in the population of black rhinos in KwaZulu-Natal over the last 15 years. I’d say that’s a definite 1-0 to the rhinos.

There is very little information about the Sumatran rhino and even some of the rangers and volunteers who have been working with rhinos for many years have never seen one. This shows how rare they are but Sumatran rhinos DO exist, however small the numbers might be. There are a few islands where there are known to be some of these animals left and extensive research is being done so that they can be discovered and protected from poachers imminently.

Manas National Park in India sparked new hope for rhinos when a baby was spotted sitting alongside its mother. There has been concern that rhinos are no longer breeding but this glimpse of young life is proof that the animals are reproducing. These one-horned-rhinos are actually more rare than other species which spells even more good news for the future as long as all rhinos continued to be protected properly.