Everybody has a part to play in protecting the rhinos. While it is bigger charities, rangers and canines who stop the poachers in their tracks, it’s people like YOU who get the ball rolling. There are a few ways that you can help to protect the rhinos.

  • Fundraising

There are lots of fun ways that you can raise funds and doing so gets the word out there about what rhinos all over the world are going through, which will hopefully help to get other people involved. Getting donations to achieve something, in particular, is really beneficial, perhaps you are vowing to give up chocolate? or even smoking? You could run a marathon as a way to raise funds or organise fun activities where all money raised goes to the rhinos like quiz nights or even bingo.

  • Volunteer your time

There are many charities out there who would welcome your time spent doing your bit. Whether you want to work behind the scenes in an office or you actually want to get out there and involved in different events. The fact that you care enough to spend your time helping the animals completely free of charge really shows your worth as a person.

  • Volunteer your money

Perhaps you are quite busy in your day to day life and don’t have the time to spend working closely with a charity. Giving money is very much appreciated and could go a long way in the protection of amazing rhinos. You could give a one off payment or even set up a direct debit if you can afford to do so. Anything, however big or small makes a difference. What might just be a few pounds for you, could buy equipment to save a rhinos life and the knowledge that you’ve contributed in this way is so liberating.