They say that karma comes around to everyone and this is perhaps true for two people poaching rhinos who were mauled and then devoured by lions just a short while ago at a reserve in South Africa. Rangers found the gruesome remains of two and possibly more men in a lion enclosure in Sibuya and near to Kenton-on-Sea which has actually been a big site for poaches in the past. Another sign that the victims were up to no good is the fact that a powerful rifle, wire cutters and an axe were discovered with the remains – which are materials regularly used by rhino poachers.

It is thought that the poachers likely entered the enclosure on Sunday night in the hunt for their victims. When they strayed into the pride of lions, they wouldn’t have had much chance for survival because this particular pride is large and very fast. They wouldn’t have even had a chance to get the rifle ready before the first bite took place. The remains of the bodies were spotted on Tuesday but identification has not taken place, largely due to the fact that there was not very much left of them. Several lions had to actually be sedated before the remains could be recovered because they were already enjoying this unexpected feast. Police patrolled the area afterwards to see if any poachers had escaped the attack but there were no signs of this. In this year alone, 9 rhinos have so far been killed in the reserve where this event happened.

I would say that in regards to the poachers who catch and kill animals for their horns, money and also just the pure sport of it got served up their portion of just desserts in a big way this time around and one can only hope that this might deter other poachers!