Although there are things being done in an attempt to stop the poaching of rhinos, there is still a lot that needs to be put in place and unfortunately, stopping it completely seems to be a long way off. There has been a SLIGHT decline in the numbers of rhinos killed in the last year or so, which hopefully means things are changing for the better for these animals.

The cold hard fact remain the same though, that in just a decade, around 7,245 rhinos have been killed by poachers, mostly in South Africa. In 2017 alone, around three rhinos were killed every single day, a number that is actually lower than previous years. Poaching actually hit its peak in 2014, when 1215 rhinos lost their lives. Findings have shown that poaching has been decreased in Kruger National Park but unfortunately, it has gone up in other places like KwaZulu-Natal. Although rhino poaching is mainly done in South Africa, in 2013 the crisis did start to spread over to other countries including some in Asia.

Poachers are pretty clever, unfortunately and they know that what they are doing is wrong and they regularly change the sites that they target so that they can escape apprehension and justice for what they are doing.

Disgustingly, many poachers brag about what they are doing and even upload photos on social media. There is much effort going into stopping poachers however, which is actually being discussed at length by the general public here.

The number of rhinos on the planet is growing but at a very slow rate, which is completely down to poachers. You can play a part in the protection of rhinos and other beautiful animals in Africa and beyond. One thing is for sure, poaching for financial gain or any other reason at all for that matter is horrible and drastically needs to be stopped.