Rhinos are beautiful and interesting animals but their place in this world is slowly being jeopardised due to poachers in Africa and other countries around the world. There is so much work being done by charities over the world in order to try and protect the rhinos and other animals such as elephants. The fight for good against evil is definitely in place with this one but your help is required in order to see the definite change.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a massive 500,000 rhinos roamed Asia and Africa, just living their lives and doing no harm to anybody. Sadly that number has drastically dropped. So what can be done to protect rhinos and what is being done currently?

WWF is one charity that plays a vital role in protecting the lives of rhinos, they work hard every day behind the scenes to change the way these animals are treated. There are anti-poaching patrols throughout Africa and Asia by qualified rangers. It’s vital that rangers have the proper equipment for the job and this is why fundraising is necessary and donations are always welcome for such necessities. In addition to brave rangers, there are also canine units regularly sent out to locations where animal poaching is common. One thing that needs to be done for this is awareness. If people are aware of what is happening, it’s the first step in tackling it.

Dog squads are put in place to catch poachers in addition to sniffing out other crimes related to animals in the area. When the dogs are let out, it hugely increases the chance that poachers are apprehended and eventually punished.

Poaching is illegal, it’s a crime against animals but poachers are rarely caught and if they are, they will often face a fine or just a slap on the risk as opposed to actual jail time for their actions.